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About Us
Pentagon Industries was established in April 1974 by Mrs. Uma Ramakrishnan – Managing Partner with two others as a partnership company to manufacture voltage stabilizers of various ratings and emergency lamps. The firm had its office at No. 109 Arcot Road Chennai 600 024 were the manufacturing activities were carried out in an area of about 900 Sq.Ft. Gradually the firm ventured into manufacturing the following products also which were sold through Spencer & Company Ltd., in their brand name ‘Spencers’.
  1. Water Heaters of 15-50 Lts capacity both M.S. & S.S with I.S.I  Certification
  2. Voltage Stabilizers Ranging from 0.25 KVA to 5 KVA with I.S.I certification (Usable for TV, Refrigerators & AC).
  3. Servo Stabilizers up to 150 KVA.
  4. UPS with ½ hr to 1 hr back up facility.
  5. Assembly of Air-conditioners up to 2 Tons.
The Firm started with employee strength of 7 and gradually increased to 25. Since the market for consumer goods was tapering down with less margin the company shifted to its focus to manufacture AUTO COMPONENTS and other parts. The company successfully tied up its business with INZI CONTROLS INDIA LTD., a leading O.E. supplier for Hyundai and Tata Motors. Now the company has employees who are professionally qualified in Engineering with degrees and diplomas. The firm is now planning to expand its operation by taking up additional space for manufacturing activities & also going for assemblies for related production.